Furnished rentals have become a popular choice in the housing market, offering flexibility and convenience for various temporary living situations. This article delves deeper into the nuances of short and mid-term furnished rentals, highlighting their differences and how they cater to specific needs.

Understanding Furnished Rentals

Convenience and Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Furnished rentals are properties equipped with essential furniture and amenities, ready for immediate occupancy. They are designed to offer a hassle-free living experience for those needing temporary accommodation.

Short-Term Furnished Rentals: Ideal for Brief Stays

Perfect for Vacations, Business Trips, and Transitional Periods

Short-term furnished rentals typically refer to leases that last from a few days to a few weeks, often not exceeding three months. They are ideal for vacationers, business travelers, or individuals in transitional life stages, such as relocating for work. These rentals offer the utmost flexibility and often include utilities and services like internet and cable, providing a complete living package for the duration of the stay. Successful short term rentals are often in popular vacation destinations, have a ton of amenities and are often themed.  AirBnB has noted some of the most successful are the unique stays like tree-houses or hip camps. Having a successful short term rental is like running a successful hotel and can be a time consuming and expensive endeavor.  The risk can also be astronomical as many cities and municipalities are limiting or flat out banning these mini-hotel ventures.  If you're interested in learning more about buying and managing short-term rentals I recommend reading: 'Short-Term Rental, Long-Term Wealth'by Avery Carl

Mid-Term Furnished Rentals: Bridging the Gap

A Solution for Extended Stays and Temporary Relocations

Mid-term furnished rentals, on the other hand, usually range from one to six months, catering to those who require a longer stay but not a permanent residence. This option is popular among students attending a short academic program, professionals on temporary job assignments, or individuals undergoing home renovations. Mid-term rentals strike a balance between the flexibility of short-term rentals and the stability of a longer lease. One of the most popular avenues is renting to traveling nurses which is a growing industry.  Successful mid-term rental investors stack the odds in their favor by finding the highest demand locations near hospitals or universities and contracting directly with housing providers and staffing agencies.  A great book to learn more about mid-term rentals is '30-day Stay: A Real Estate Investors Guide to Mastering the Medium Term Rental.

Comparing Short and Mid-Term Furnished Rentals

Tailoring to Different Needs and Lifestyles

The primary difference between short and mid-term furnished rentals lies in their lease duration and the specific needs they serve. Short-term rentals are more transient, often more expensive per day but offer more services and flexibility. Mid-term rentals, while less transient, provide a more cost-effective solution for those needing a temporary home for a few months. Mid-term rentals can be lucrative as it will be more profitable than a long term rental yet short term rentals can bring in an even higher income.  The main difference between the two is the management of the properties. Short-term is very management intensive and mid-term will be less hands on like long term rentals. Perhaps the best play as an investor is to have properties advertised as both short and mid-term.  Offering both short and mid-term furnished rentals can maximize rental income and occupancy rates. Short-term rentals can yield higher per-day rates, while mid-term rentals offer more consistent occupancy over a few months.

Benefits for Renters

Ease and Efficiency in Relocation

Both short and mid-term furnished rentals offer the convenience of a move-in-ready home, eliminating the need for moving furniture or setting up utilities. They provide a seamless transition for those in temporary living situations.

Challenges in Furnished Rentals

Navigating the Complexities of Short-Term Leasing

Managing furnished rentals, whether short or mid-term, involves challenges such as higher maintenance costs, active management, and understanding local regulations on short-term rentals.


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